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Colliers International l Pittsburgh Gets Greener With New “Tablet Tours”

Sources: World Wildlife Fund

Colliers is BlueColliers International | Pittsburgh has created a new marketing strategy that will reduce paper waste and help save our environment one tree at a time. The company now uses electronic tablets instead of printing paper copies of tour books, company overview books, Offering Memorandums, presentations and other marketing materials. These materials that contain anywhere from ten to 100 pieces of paper, depending on the project, can now be sent electronically after a tour is completed.

According to Gregg Broujos, Managing Director of Colliers International | Pittsburgh, the new Tablet Tour is convenient for all parties, and saves a large amount of paper. “When prospective tenants and buyers tour a property, they will be given a Colliers International | Pittsburgh tablet that contains all of the pertinent information on the subject property. After the tour, they give the tablet back to the Colliers broker, and the Colliers broker will send the same information to the prospective buyer or tenant electronically. In this way, the prospect can pick and choose what pages they want to print, if any.”

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