Children learn the cool factor in CRE Amenities at Colliers International | Pittsburgh Kid’s Day

Getting Down to Business at Kids Day

Amenities seems like a pretty big word for kids ages 4-13 to comprehend. But in simple terms, amenities can be explained as the elements that make a building, an office space and its location cool. Future commercial real estate professionals got a firsthand look at some of the day-to-day operations at Colliers International | Pittsburgh, while spending time with their parents and learning the cool factor in commercial real estate in celebration of “Bring Your Child to Work Day 2012” on April 26th.

Children of Colliers International | Pittsburgh employees started their day with a meeting in the executive conference room, where they were greeted by the Colliers International | Pittsburgh administrative staff who explained what amenities are, and why they are attractive to prospective tenant’s looking for office space for sale or lease.

The children participated in an open discussion starting with what they noticed on their drive into the office with their parents.  In response they answered “the big city and tall buildings when we came out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel,” “Heinz Field and PNC Park,” and the “new subway station,” the North Shore Connector. The Fort Pitt Tunnel experience is quite amazing.  Upon exit toward downtown Pittsburgh travelers are welcomed by a beautiful picturesque Central Business District cityscape, and once you are in the epicenter of the city, there is plenty of cultural and entertainment options available, from a theater experience to a football or baseball game.  And, the new North Shore Connector provides an underground subway ride from the Gateway Center Station, traveling under the river, to the North Shore.  Their observations paired nicely with the next question, “what have you done when you visited the city with your parents?”  Even more energetic responses were heard, from going to baseball and football games, to enjoying the theater at the Benedum Center, eating at a great area restaurant and shopping, all locational amenities that make the Central Business District an attractive location for office space.

Following a delicious breakfast in the Gateway Café, the children were invited to tour Two Gateway Center, where Colliers International | Pittsburgh is located, and given the assignment, to identify building and office space amenities.  With the assignment in their minds and notebooks in hand, the children joined their parents for a tour with Edward Lawrence, an associate at Colliers International | Pittsburgh. The building tour of Two Gateway Center was followed by an office space tour at One Gateway Center and Three Gateway Center, where a broker representing a prospective tenant looking for office space at Gateway Center joined the group.  “We had so much fun on the tour of Gateway Center,” said Mr. Lawrence, “The kids got such a kick out of identifying amenities and walking through the suites – it was one of the highlights of a jam packed day of activities.”

Upon their return the children reported back to the administrative staff regarding the amenities discovered.  The cool things they noticed included glass entryway doors and the amazing river views from the offices, marble walls and interior design elements in the main lobby, and the pedestrian tunnel to the parking garage.  It was also pretty cool to go outside and explore, finding a coffee shop goat at Crazy Mocha and the KDKA news station nearby at One Gateway Center, a big fountain, perfect for making wishes right outside, and across the street Elements restaurant at Four Gateway Center where parents enjoy lunch. With lunch on their minds, the group then caught a North Shore Connector subway ride from the Gateway Center Station over to the Jerome Bettis Grille 36 on the North Shore.

At the close of the day, each child went home with a memory book recapping what they learned along with pictures from the day.  “The experience for the kids was absolutely memorable,” said John Bilyak SIOR, CCIM, a principal at Colliers International | Pittsburgh.  “My son had a wonderful time.  He talked about it all the way home and then (after his baseball game) gave my wife the play by play up until bed time.”

Take Your Child To Work Day provides children with an inside look at what their parents do when they go to work, and gives parents an opportunity to share their work experience with their children.  “Our mantra at Colliers International | Pittsburgh is Great People; Great Brokers; Family First,” said Gregg Broujos, Managing Director and Founding Principal at Colliers International Pittsburgh.  “It was important to our firm to have the kids in the office for this event in order to share with them how we go about doing our business.  This is just another example of how collectively we are living our values by keeping one principle in mind: The Golden Rule.”

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